Earmaster One Year All Access Pass

Earmaster One Year All Access Pass, 12 Month Training Software Subscription (Download), Over 2500 music theory exercises of all levels of difficulty with training, singing and rhythm exercises, jazz harmony, swing much more, Includes Vocal Trainer RCM Voice extensions an additional 700 Exercises to recognise transcribe intervals, chords, scales, rhythms melodies, Jazz course rhythms, sight of standards, Detailed statistics to check learning progress,


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Waves Ultimate 1 Month Subscription

Waves Ultimate 1 Month Subscription, Monthly (download), Plug in bundle subscription, 1 access without automatic renewal to the effects package for production, mixing and mastering as well as live applications all current plug ins, All are added regularly, Always provides latest version, Includes to AI based StudioVerse community thousands of individually available chains, Created by experienced producers sound engineers, Contains probably most comprehensive


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PSP Audioware stereoController2

PSP Audioware stereoController2, Stereo Correction Plugin (Download), Tool for the evaluation, readjustment and correction of recordings, Allows slight time corrections between channels, Widen or narrow image, Panorama of central instruments, Virtually emulate an instrument’s location in soundfield via combined level delay panning, Reversal of polarity, Decoding of M S signals to L R stereo, Reduce width of frequencies, or making them mono, proper


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Eventide DeBoom

Eventide DeBoom, Plugin for correcting low frequencies (Download), Effect designed and processing based on structural split technology, Analyses breaks down the incoming signal into transient tonal parts further processing, Simple operation via one knob, Quickly easily eliminates frequency blurring without impairing sound quality, Allows shaping in bass range damaging structures, Useful optimising improving


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Xils Lab RingX

Xils Lab RingX, Multi Effect Plugin (Download), Flexible effects tool with seven different and numerous modulation options, Six slots variable order, Available effects: Chorus, delay, distortion, filter, parametric eq, phaser reverb, Dynamic True Stereo Space module allows to place an audio signal in a virtual stereo space, Locator step sequencers enable extensive tempo synchronised modulations, Transient tracker, envelope follower, S detection input


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Moog Mariana

Moog Mariana, Virtual Synthesizer (Download), Modern bass synthesiser with dual layer architecture that draws on classic synthesisers such as Model D or Minitaur, Two independent layers allow complex stack sound or independent, duophonic playing, Classic subtractive generation a few extras, oscillators hard sync, adjustable phase for OSC2, pulse width control, and noise generator, Low pass high filter resonance separate multimode extensive shaping,


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IZotope Music Production Suite 6

iZotope Music Production Suite 6, Plugin Bundle (Download), Extensive collection with over 30 software tools for professional editing, Mixing, mastering and creative sound design, Includes all major plugins music production AI powered processing communication between effect instances an improved workflow, Various reverb ins, Exponential Audio Dolby Atmos support, RX10 Standard denoising enhancing audio files such as vocals, guitars other microphone


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Klevgrand Haaze

Klevgrand Haaze, Stereo Enhancer Plug In (Download), processing on 16 independent frequency bands, Haas controls delays between left right channels on each band, Pan allows individual pan positions per M S the stereo width for Gain by level correction, Draw mode easy drawing of desired curve, Each with display of level, Many presets a quick start


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Steinberg Cubase Artist 13

Steinberg Cubase Artist 13, Audio MIDI Sequencer (download), Classic sequencer software and audio workstation for advanced users, project studios creative musicians with professional standards, Unlimited number of audio, instrument tracks, 32 group channels, 8 send 64 return Max. 32 physical inputs outputs, Up to 16 insert effects per max. 32 independent VST instruments, engine internal 64 bit floating point processing up to 192 kHz sample rate,


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Waves Essential Annual Subscription

Waves Essential Annual Subscription, (Download), PlugIn Bundle 12 Months non renewable access to the effects package for production, mixing and mastering, but also live applications, A total of 110 plug ins, Selected are added regularly, Always offers latest version of included plugins, Includes to AI powered StudioVerse community with thousands of freely available chains, Created by experienced producers sound engineers, many popular vocal editing


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